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Adelante Program Math Tutoring Services

The Adelante Program is currently looking to hire a Math Instructional Assistant. In the meantime, we recommend seeking tutoring via the SMC tutoring services available on campus. See below. 

Additional Math Resources

Notes, Past Exams, & Study Guides

This link contains notes, past exams, and study guides from various SMC math classes taken by Adelante and Black Collegians students. I will continue to upload.

SMC Math eTextbooks

SMC math eTextbooks I have been able to obtain.

TI-84+ Emulator Software

Need an online TI-84+? Sign-up for this software for free (90 days).

Math proofs

These are good resources on how to read and write math proofs.

Other resources to keep you entertained!:


Get the book you've always wanted to read! I've also found a lot of textbooks. Sign-up for free and download up to 10 books daily.


This site has many movies to stream for free (my go-to spot for international films). You need a Los Angeles Public Library card to sign-up. If you don't have one, you can get a free e-Card


Offers free music, ebooks, movies, TV series and documentaries.