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Adelante Program

Join a network of Latino students, faculty and staff!

Welcome to the Adelante Program!

The Adelante Program is an academic support program created by the Latino Center in 1989. It provides a structured counseling and academic experience in order to foster student academic achievement, cultural awareness, and personal growth. Adelante students have high aspirations, with about 9 in 10 Adelante students indicating transfer as their primary educational goal. Program activities are designed to help students strengthen the skills, acquire the information, and develop the support system necessary to confidently and successfully navigate college.

By requiring counseling and workshop participation, Adelante expects students to connect with campus resources and to establish an ongoing relationship with Latino Center counseling faculty. Visiting the Latino Center, participating in workshops, and using campus resources helps students connect with others who are also in the program. Within the counseling experience, Latino Center counselors intentionally use their relevant cultural knowledge and experience to address student needs, thereby helping to support an inclusive learning environment that promotes student equity.

The availability of Adelante courses help round out the network available to students to support their personal growth and success. Courses are taught by faculty who are interested in working with our historically underrepresented students and who understand the importance of an inclusive and equity-oriented course environment. Classes highlight and accentuate Latino culture and/or the historically underrepresented student experience within the context of the course, where relevant. The availability of priority enrollment in Adelante sections promotes student enrollment in coursework necessary for transfer; courses include a variety of developmental and college-level English and math, as well as other general education classes.

Adelante Program Services

  • Early Enrollment Priority Date
  • Enrollment in Adelante Class sections
  • Latino Experience Accentuated in Adelante Classes
  • Specialized Student and Parent Workshops
  • Career Counselor
  • Psychologist/Mental Health Therapist
  • Tutoring in Math and English
  • Eligibility for Latino Center Scholarships
  • Opportunities to Network with Latino Faculty and Students
  • Latino Center E-mail Updates

Specific Services

  • English/Spanish bilingual counselors and staff
  • Academic, vocational, financial aid and personal counseling
  • Counselor participation in departmental and/or institutional committees and initiatives that support equity and student success
  • Adelante—a support program with an instructional component
  • Adelante Student Club
  • Career Counselor (Adelante students)
  • Mental Health Therapist/Psychologist (Adelante students)
  • English/Writing Tutoring
  • Math tutoring (currently unavailable)
  • Workshops on a variety of topics, including those culturally relevant to the Latino community
  • Academic and cultural events
  • Speakers who can address issues that concern Latino students
  • Classroom presentations as requested by classroom faculty
  • Maintaining a student file system for Adelante students

Program Admission Process

Students can join the program during one of two application periods per year. Visit the Adelante Program website for updated application dates and information.