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Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT)



The California Community Colleges and partnering institutions created a transfer program to make it easier for students to start at a community college, transfer to a guaranteed saved spot at a participating four-year university and earn and bachelor's degree.

The Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) degrees are designed to facilitate transfer admission to a CSU in a similar major.

Associate Degree for Transfer Requirements to CSU

Completion of at least 60 CSU-transferable semesters including:

  • completion of the Area of Emphasis with a grade of C or higher in each course or with a P if the course was taken on a Pass/No Pass basis, and the P is equal to a C or higher (Title 5 §55063)

  • completion of either CSU GE or IGETC; students transferring to CSU using IGETC must complete Area 1C (see or visit the General Counseling and Transfer Services Center)

  • a minimum of 12-degree applicable semester units completed at SMC

  • a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in all CSU-transferable units Note: while a minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for admission to a CSU, some majors/campuses may require a higher GPA. Please consult with a counselor for details.

Explore the ADT Majors Offered at Santa Monica College (PDF Files)

*Students may complete the degree requirements fully online.

Business Administration 2.0 - Students who began college Fall 2022 or later, must follow this version.

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Associate Degree for Transfer Program with California Private Colleges/Universities

List of Participating California Private Colleges/Universities

What Does an ADT to an AICCU mean?

The ADT Commitment is the Independent California College and University sector’s adaptation of the ADT pathway. While similar to the CSU ADT, there are also some differences due to the independent nature of the state’s nonprofit institutions:

Unlike CSU, AICCU institutions are not part of a system and each campus has its own admission and graduation requirements.
If an ADT transfer student meets all the requirements of admission to a participating institution, admission is guaranteed to that college as opposed to a system.

The ADT Commitment is:

  • Guaranteed admission for the ADT students meeting admission requirements;
  • Guarantees a minimum of 60 semester/90 quarter units will transfer;
  • Guarantees the student starts with junior standing.
  • For a full list of AICCU ADT Participating Institutions and majors accepted click here.

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