Studet Support

Assembly Bill 620


In an Emergency 24/7

From any campus phone,
call 4300 or 911

From a mobile phone,
call SMC dispatch

If off-campus, call 911

Designated Contacts for LGBT College Community

Assembly Bill 620 mandates "governing board[s] of each community college district to designate an employee at each of their respective campuses as a point of contact to address the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender faculty, staff, and students." The law, California Education Code Section 66271.2. continues and states that, "at a minimum, the name and contact information of that designated employee shall be published on the Internet Web site for the respective campus and shall be included in any printed and Internet-based campus directories."

The following people have been identified at SMC as those contacts:

Mike Tuitasi
Vice President, Student Affairs
Phone: 310-434 4958, 310-434 4389

Nate Donahue
Academic Senate President
Assistant Professor of Art History
Phone: 310-434 4062

Lisa Winter
Compliance Administrator/Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 310-434 4225