Student Support



In an Emergency 24/7

From any campus phone,
call 4300 or 911

From a mobile phone,
call SMC dispatch

If off-campus, call 911

In thinking about current and long-term safety, you may want to consider developing a safety plan which could include ways to remain safe and possible ways to reduce the risk of future harm. Information about safety planning can be found on the National Domestic Violence Hotline website.

For assistance with safety planning, you can contact the Santa Monica Police Department.

We highly recommend you download SMC’s LiveSafe App. Go to the App Store or Google Play. Register and fill out your profile and select Santa Monica College.

  • An individual who has experienced sexual assault/misconduct has the right to choose whether to file a police report.

  • Reporting the incident to the police does not mean that an individual is obligated to take the alleged offender/respondent to court.

  • SMCPD officers receive special training in working with survivors of sexual assault and can guide survivors through the reporting process.

  • Survivors can choose to work with a female or male police officer.

  • A survivor has up to five years after a sexual assault to make a report to the police and up to three years after an incident of domestic violence or stalking.

  • If you file a police report, the incident will be a matter of public record, you may report without having to give your name and remain anonymous, and therefore your name will not be used in connection with this record.

Area police departments: