Esmeralda Hernandez, A.S. Director of External Affairs 2023-2024

Esmeralda Hernandez

A.S. Director of External Affairs

Hello everyone my name is Esmeralda Hernandez, and I am the Director of External Affairs for this school year! I am in my third year at Santa Monica and am transferring this fall 2024. I am part of some of the special programs including Adelante, EOPS, and Scholars program. A little background on me is I am a first-generation student born in Los Angeles California from indigenous parents and am Oaxacan (Oaxaca,Mexico) ethnically Zapotec; bin di zä, I am a proud native speaker of my native language Zapotec. My area of interest (AIO) is people and society. Within the program/major I am in is sociology + political science. I am working to achieve my associate's degree in both sociology and political science and am receiving it this spring 2024 before transferring. My goal is to transfer to UC’s.