Student Government

A.S. Board of Directors

Did you know ?  

Our Associated Students Board of Directors:

  1. Consists of 16 student leaders, which are elected by SMC students every Spring Semester.  See below list of current directors, and our A.S. Elections Webpage.
  2. Main responsibilities are to represent the student body interests to SMC administration and to approve spending of the A.S. funds. See the A.S. Fiscal Policy.
  3. Budget comes from the $10 A.S. Membership Sticker fee that you pay during registration every semester or session.  See our A.S. Membership Webpage.

  4. Meetings are considered public meetings, therefore anyone can attend the A.S. Meetings. Stop by and attend some A.S. Meetings to find out what your board is doing for the student body of SMC.  See our Agendas & Minutes Webpage.
  5. Encourages you to become an A.S. Member ($10 sticker), and get involved in your student government in various ways, either through A.S. Positions or ICC Clubs. See our flyer of A.S. Leadership Opportunities

  6. Encourages you to become aware of the A.S. governing document & each directors' position description.  See the A.S. Constitution & Bylaws (directors duties listed in the bylaws)

A.S. Board of Directors July 1, 2023  -  June 30, 2024

Student Trustee term is from June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024.

Seongmin (Cecilia) Jeong
A.S. President
(310) 434-4251


Yen-Chi (Justin) Liu
A.S. Vice President
(310) 434-4969

Onni Huang
A.S. Secretary
(310) 434-4971



Li Sheng Yang
A.S. Director of Student Outreach
(310) 434-4964
Phanphasa (Cindi) Parinyasrisawet
A.S. Director of Equity and Diversity
(310) 434-4252
Cleopatra Hansasuta
A.S. Director of Activities
(310) 434-4966


Moniriddh (Riddh) Bunyay
ICC Chair
(310) 434-4238

Zacharia (Zach) Makari
ICC Vice Chair
(310) 434-4968

Anastasiia Zakala
ICC Communication Officer
(310) 434-4270
Alyssa Arreola
Student Trustee
(310) 434-4980