David Cho

David Cho

A.S. Director of Budget Management

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David is an Economics major at Santa Monica College that is "fascinated by how incentives play in the world." His main focus this year as a student leader is to "contribute to the wonderful A.S. Board by creating efficiency and templates for future board members." David believes being granted the opportunity to analyze the budget grants him the ability to best serve SMC and most importantly, the students.

David is also the Vice President of both Economics Club and Investment & Entrepreneur Club, stating, "I found a community of like-minded individuals who are analytically driven and share their passion for learning. I highly recommend all freshmen explore their interests and build a community in which they feel comfortable."

Fun Fact: David enjoys running, calisthenics (a form of strength training consisting of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups, such as standing, grasping, pushing, etc.), and learning about investments."