A.S. Director of Equity & Diversity

Phanphasa (Cindi) Parinyasrisawet

A.S. Director of Equity and Diversity

Hello everyone! This is Cin/Cindi (my first name is Phanphasa so feel free to call me either one of those names!). I am an international student from Thailand and currently majoring in business administration. I am so happy to serve everyone this school year as a Director of Equity and Diversity. Part of my job is to be a representative of all students to promote equity and diversity in our community. As SMC consists of student from many different backgrounds, it is important to acknowledge these differences and provide more for people who are in need. I am so grateful to serve everyone for this school and please do not hesitate to reach out! I would be so happy if I am able to help our students and do the best for my role. Everyone is so welcome to come to talk with me during office hours or email me!