Lina, A.S. Director of Publicity 2023-2024


A.S. Director of Publicity

Hi everyone, I’m Lina, and I’m honored to serve as the Director of Publicity at A.S. for this year. 

In my role, my number one priority is to keep the student body well-informed about all aspects of our work within the A.S. My primary responsibility is to serve as the direct liaison between the student government and the entire student body. I will try my best to be on top of sharing the newest updates, communicating with students, and ensuring transparency while also handling all publicity matters.

More about myself as a person: I am an architecture major and love everything about design and art. Dancing is my biggest passion, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Besides going to dance classes, I also enjoy meeting my friends and traveling to places all around the world.

My goal is to create a united community on campus and motivate students to be more engaged in college activities and events. If you need any promotional help or have exciting collaboration ideas, feel free to reach out! I am always here to listen to your voice, and I will do my best to make your innovations possible!