Anzhi (Felix) Wei

Anzhi (Felix) Wei

A.S. Secretary

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"Hello! My name is Anzhi Wei, but you can call me Felix. My major is political science and Japanese. My journey at SMC began in 2020. I really like to communicate with people from different cultural background. Besides, I’m a foodie and cook. Let's find the most delicious delicacies! I can’t wait to talk to every attracting soul.

Since I was in junior high school, my mother gave me a motto - service ability and dedication. I will spend my whole life trying to find meaning. And A.S. coincides with my motto, and I have been longing for the place. Over the years since I grew up, I have been trying to live up to my motto, even though I feel tired sometimes, when I see the people I help share their joy and happiness with me, I think it is so worthwhile.

For A.S., I will shoulder the responsibility of serving and communication as a bridge between school and international students. Don't give up when faced with difficulties but work out solutions and share ideas with other members. There are many international students at Santa Monica College, but their voices and ideas are often not implemented and realized. I want to bring more possibilities for A.S. and give voice to international students through my participation, so that they can have a different and immersive college life even in the epidemic."