Dominic Prendergast

A.S. Vice President

Talk to Dominic on Zoom during their office hours!

Dom has studied full time at SMC since January 2020. His return to studies was motivated by his employment over recent years in early childhood care for children with developmental differences. He is currently studying sociology with the aim of transferring to a 4-year college and transitioning into a career in radio and television entertainment journalism. He joined A.S. in the Spring of 2021 to create meaningful change within the SMC student community by increasing student engagement in the voting and election process to ensure that SMC is a fair and equitable learning environment for all students. As an American-born Australian, Dom spent a large part of his life growing up in Sydney and brings many cross-cultural perspectives and eclectic personal traits to his role as A.S. Vice President. With a little dose of humor and lightheartedness, he believes we can all make each other better people.

Fun Fact: Dom can do an uncanny Mrs. Doubtfire you might have to wait and see in person.