Ali Shirvani

Ali Shirvani

Student Trustee

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Hello, my name is Ali Shirvani and I am the student trustee of the Associated Students. As of right now, I am currently heading into my second year at SMC as a communications major. Prior to SMC, I was interested in attending the USCG. However, my plans changed as a result of the pandemic.

I decided to be a part of the Associated Students because of my prior experiences revolving around student involvement and engagement. The experiences I had had thus far from being a student trustee were very unique to me, and I am excited to continue taking on this important role.

For fun, I typically like to engage in physical activities. Before the pandemic, I wrestled a lot and did BJJ which are both very intense sports. Casually, I like to ball up, go on a hike, and occasionally jog. I come from a pretty active family, so I think that kind of just rubbed off on me as well.