Student Support

Activities & Events

Check out fun activities to connect with other SMC International Students


Student Social Opportunities

Monthly Mingle

On-Ground activities are returning at the IEC about once a month!

Watch this space and your SMC e-mail for details about upcoming events.

Every Thursday - IEC Weekly Open House

Every Thursday, 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. PST
Zoom meeting room: 981 9113 2211
An unstructured hour to chat with IEC Peer Mentors, meet new friends, ask questions!


SMC International Student Forum

Meetings will resume in the Spring 2023 semester. 

Watch this space for meeting details!


SMC Student Clubs

These clubs are for all students both domestic and international.
Most of them have online meetings
while campus is closed. 

Associated Students (A.S.) and Student Clubs

Want to make a difference on campus and make friends at the same time? The Associated Students (A.S.) work hard to represent the interests of the student body & make important changes regarding student life at Santa Monica College.  By participating in student government you can help make sure the students' voices will be heard.   A.S. also oversees the student campus clubs for students with special interests in areas such as science, sports, creative arts, business and industry, service and recreation. Club activities include business meetings, field trips, concerts, lectures, forums and social events. All clubs, except the Honor Scholarship Society (which requires specific qualifications), are open to all students. California law forbids secret fraternities and sororities in public community colleges. 

For more information, visit SMC's Associated Students for information about clubs and other campus-wide activities.