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Guide to Accommodating Students


Santa Monica College is committed to the belief that students with disabilities should have equal opportunity to participate in all the academic and extracurricular activities of the college.

Each year, over 1000 students with disabilities identify themselves to Disabled Students Services and request reasonable academic adjustments, as mandated by state and federal law. Others go directly to instructors and staff with requests for accommodations which may or may not be legitimate. We hope this guide will help you to identify and accommodate legitimate student requests for an academic adjustment.

Table of Contents

A Message from the President

Why Accommodate?

The Laws

General Etiquette


HTTC Info for Faculty & Staff

SMC Resources


Learning Disabilities

Visual Disabilities

Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Acquired Brain Injury


Psychological Disabilities

Orthopedic & Mobility


Technical Resources

Emergency & Persons with Disabilities

Workshops for Faculty & Staff

Faculty Responsibilities

Staff Responsibilities

Student Rights & Responsibilities