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AR 4115  Academic Adjustments for Students with Disabilities

In accordance with State and Federal law, academic rules, policies and practices at Santa Monica College may be modified, as necessary, to ensure that they do not discriminate, or have the effect of discriminating, on the basis of handicap, against qualified handicapped applicants or students. The procedure for seeking an adjustment is as follows:

Process for Adjustment

  1. A student with a documented disability contacts the instructor or instructors prior to or at the beginning of the semester with a request for an academic adjustment

  2. The instructor or instructors discuss the request with the student and confer (if necessary) with the staff at the Center for Students with Disabilities to determine an appropriate adjustment.

  3. A student with a documented disability may also seek an adjustment by requesting staff at the Center for Students with Disabilities to initiate contact with the instructor(s).

  4. If the student, instructor(s) and staff at the Center for Students with Disabilities have made a reasonable effort to resolve the matter and are unable to agree on an appropriate adjustment within five working days, the matter may be referred to the 504 Compliance Office or her/his designee.

  5. The 504 Compliance Officer or her/his designee will gather appropriate information and determine a reasonable accommodation within two working days after having received written notification of a problem from a concerned party and will make an interim adjustment pending a final resolution.

Appeal Process

  1. If the student or the agents of the college do not concur regarding the requested academic adjustment, the matter will be forwarded to the Academic Accommodations Panel.  The role of the Academic Accommodations Panel is to review the request for academic adjustment.  Specifically, does the adjustment ensure access for the disabled for participation in the academic program and maintain the integrity of the course content?

  2. The Academic Accommodations Panel will include the following members:
    • A faculty member from the DSPS
    • The 504 Compliance Officer
    • Two instructors from the academic area (one selected by the department chair and one selected by the instructor)
    • An advocate or information specialist of the student's choice (non-voting)
    • An academic administrator who serves as the chair of the committee

  3. The student and the instructor will meet with the Academic Accommodations Panel and will have an opportunity to express their concerns.

  4. The Academic Accommodations Panel will meet no later than 10 working days after the interim adjustment has been made and will then render a written decision within five working days.

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