Staff Responsibilities



Under the provisions of Section 504, Santa Monica College may not:

  • Limit the number of otherwise qualified students with disabilities admitted

  • Make pre-admission inquiries as to whether an applicant is disabled

  • The DSS can provide priority registration for students with disabilities for Fall and Spring semesters.

Financial Aid/Scholarship

Under the provisions of Section 504, Santa Monica College may not:

  • Provide less financial assistance to students with disabilities than is provided to non-disabled students

  • Limit eligibility for scholarships and/or financial aid on the basis of disability


Under the provisions of Section 504, library staff must:

  • Maintain facilities that allow individuals with disabilities to obtain materials and services without assistance whenever possible, e.g. eliminate obstructions caused by chairs; display brochures, flyers, and forms on racks and counters that can be reached by someone using a wheelchair

  • Maintain knowledge of adaptive computer technology resources available in the library for students with disabilities, e.g. "reading" machine, text enlargement device.

  • Provide assistance, when necessary, for retrieving of materials or obtaining services

Extracurricular Activities & Events

Under the provisions of Section 504, college staff who supervise during events and college activities must:

  • Ensure that members of the general public who have disabilities are able to wheelchair basketball player gain access and enjoy the benefits of college-sponsored events, to the same extent as others (i.e. such as by providing sign-language interpreters, if requested.)

  • Provide promotional/informational material in a variety of alternative formats, such as large print, Braille or audio tape, in a timely manner

  • Invite inquiries about access questions in announcements for events

  • Arrange equipment in a manner that facilitates independence by individuals with disabilities.


Staff should be aware that:

  • The majority of individuals who qualify for handicapped parking placards issued by the State DMV do not use wheelchairs

  • Students who have state-issued handicapped parking placards or plates must purchase a SMC permit (available for purchase when they register for classes) in order to park on campus lots. They may then park in any spaces in either the Faculty or Student parking lots.

  • SMC permits are not valid on surrounding neighborhood "resident"- restricted streets.

  • For visitors (i.e. not students or faculty) who have a state-issued handicapped parking placard or plate, the daily permit fee is waived.

  • A wheelchair-accessible shuttle bus service runs often from the Santa Monica Airport Campus free parking (located at Centinela and Airport Avenue) to the Pearl Street edge of main campus.


Santa Monica College does not provide transportation except for officially sponsored athletic, club and class field trips. Such transportation is wheelchair accessible and may be arranged through College Transportation Resources, at extension 4668.

All locations for course offerings are accessible by the Santa Monica Blue Bus and the MTA lines. Those unable to use fixed route public transportation should contact the Los Angeles County ACCESS services for para-transit information, at (800) 827-0829, or their local city provider.

At the main campus, the best places for para-transit pick-up and drop-off are in Lot 5 near Pico Boulevard and the Pearl Street side of Lot 1. Benches are available at both locations.