Interpreters Roles


Interpreters are communication facilitators. They sign everything that is said and voice
everything that is signed. At no time will an interpreter interject his or her own thoughts,
opinions, or explanations, or otherwise alter what is communicated by any party.
Interpreter signingThe interpreter will do whatever possible to be inconspicuous so that
communication can occur as naturally as possible among student, teacher, and classmates. To
make this work as efficiently as possible, the interpreter would appreciate not having any
undue attention drawn to him or her. It is not necessary to introduce the interpreter to the
class, stop the lecture to make sure the interpreter is keeping up, or do anything else
which would take time away from the class lecture.
The interpreter should not participate in the class or be asked to perform any duties other
than interpreting. Please do not ask the interpreter to get the lights, pass out papers,
tutor, or explain anything to the student after class. The interpreter is not there to
summarize, supplement, or substitute for you and the knowledge you possess as a professor.
Feel free before and after class to ask questions about creating a better communicative
environment. However, interpreters may not and will not give academic or personal
information about the student; if appropriate, those questions are best answered by the


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