Remote Real Time Captioning


In cases where no Captioner is available to come to class with the student, a very small wireless microphone can be clipped to the neck-area of the instructor's shirt. The microphone transmits the instructor's voice to a special modem which is connected to the student's laptop computer. The lecture, via the modem, will be heard by a captioner at an agency on another site. The captioner will transcribe the lecture, and the transcription will appear on the student's laptop computer screen.

The software which is used allows the students to add notes to the transcription. It also allows the student to type messages to the captioner, like, "Class is over early - I'm leaving." At the end of class, the captioner cleans up the notes and either emails them to the DHH Supervisor in the Disabled Students Center, to be picked up, or directly to the student. The microphone, laptop computer, modem, and any other equipment will be set up by the DHH Supervisor, and will be collected by her or, in special cases, by the student at the end of each class session. This process sounds complicated, but it works very well and has been used successfully many times on this campus.

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