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Whether walking, driving, or commuting to SMC we offer a variety of options and resources to your SMC destination. The locations provided include:

  1. Direct Connect service locations by communities
  2. A variety of  maps, tours, directories, parking and transportation information.
  3. Additional resources to get to your destination

*Please be advised that certain services may have limited or no on-ground access. Please contact the service for further information.

Discover Maps, Parking, & Directories

Learn the locations for Direct Connect essential services by communities. 

Connect to SMC Maps, Tours, Parking, & Directories

Listed are helpful maps, guides, tours, parking, and directories at SMC.

SMC Classroom Locations & Abbreviations

Access to SMC classrooms 

Classroom Locations & Abbreviations


Interactive Map & Virtual Tour

The interactive map offers students directions to all buildings, campuses, bathrooms, elevators, parking, bike racks, bus stops, electric vehicles, and lactation room!

Interactive Map & Virtual Tours

SMC Campuses & Program Sites

Access to main campus and program sites.

SMC Campuses & Program Sites


SMC Tours

Included are campus tours, group tours, & self guided tours.

SMC Campus Tours


SMC Department and Faculty Directories

Locate and connect with faculty, staff, departments, and services

Department Directory

Faculty & Staff Directory

SMC Parking and Transportation Information

Learn essential information about parking rules, permits, escort services, and transportation.

Parking and Transportation Information

Thrive with Maps, Tours, & Directories

Utilize additional resources to successfully navigate SMC.