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Imagine a community that understands and supports first-generation college students, students who have immigrant parents, and​ the diversity of Latin students. A community that is ready and willing to support your dreams and aspirations. That community exists and it’s called the Latino Center/ Adelante Program. The Latino Center/Adelante Program is an academic support program that provides a structured counseling and academic experience that fosters academic achievement, cultural awareness, and personal growth.

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Learn about resources and access for the Latino Center and Adelante Program.

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Latino Center and Adelante Program offers a variety of ways to connect to student services and support.

Latino Center Academic Counseling 

Latino Center counselors are invested in our students personal, academic, and overall wellbeing. We are committed to supporting our students success! Latino Center counselors offer a variety of academic and transfer counseling. To schedule an appointment, students are able to set up their own appointment on Corsair Connect or email us at

Fall 2023 Hours of Operation

Monday- Thursday: 9:00-3:00pm (in person), 8am-5pm (for any inquiries via phone/email)

Friday: 8:00-3:00pm (virtually)


Latino Center Career Counseling

Latino Center career counselor offers assistance and resources in the following; a) major and career exploration b) resume and cover letter development c) job interviewing and employment d) and teaches Latino Center Career Success course, Counseling 12.  To schedule an appointment, email us at


Latino Center Therapy Sessions

Our students emotional wellbeing is important and matters! Latino Center offers one on one therapy sessions with our amazing therapists. To schedule a therapy session, schedule a meeting with one of our Latino Center academic counselors on Corsair Connect or email us at  


Latino Center Tutoring

Currently, Latino Center offers math tutoring. For more information please check out our student services building tutoring site for our tutoring schedule.

Student Services Tutoring



Latino Center Classes

Latino Center offers a variety of classes including math, English, and many other classes. Classes are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. It is a great opportunity to take classes with your Latino Center/Adelante peers and connect with our amazing faculty. 

Latino Center Classes



Gateway to Persistence and Success (GPS)

Latino Center students, GPS offers access to support (counselors, support staff, or automated responses) based on the service. To find out more about the specific resources and services offered, follow these steps:

1. Log into SMC GPS using your Corsair Connect login information.

2. Click the three parallel lines next to "My Success Network", which offers a variety of resources:

  • Check your courses
  • Check your GPS messages
  • Use the "Raise Your Hand " feature and connect to a variety of resources

3. In the "My Success Network" self select the available resources and services displayed under the Latino Center. 

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Utilize these tools to successfully navigate the Latino Center and Adelante Program services and resources.