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SMC student support programs offer many opportunities to build community while helping and learning from your fellow faculty, staff, and students. Mentorship programs provide many benefits for the student mentee and mentor. Explore all the mentor programs available at SMC!

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Connect to Mentorship Programs at SMC

SMC offers a variety of ways to connect to students to mentorship programs and peer-to-peer support. 

SMC Peer Navigators

The Peer Navigator program is designed to support first-year students in achieving a successful transition at Santa Monica College.

Peer Navigators are here to help you become apart of the SMC campus community in a way that makes you feel welcome and apart of the SMC community. Through mentoring, frequent communication, workshops, and social & educational events. Peer Navigators build positive relationships and enhance your college experience beyond the classroom.

SMC Peer Navigators


Women of Color Initiatives: Sister to Sister

Women of Color (WOC) Initiatives: Sister to Sister, is a mentoring program at SMC that pairs up female students from the Black Collegians and Adelante Programs with female students from John Adams Middle School (JAMS). The objective of this program is to expose middle school students to a positive female role model and demystify the "college world".

Sister to Sister Mentoring


Men of Color Initiatives

SMC's Men of Color (MOC) comprises of Black Collegians and Adelante Programs. SMC's Men of Color (MOC), uses mentorship as a means to connect with young men of color.  MOC initiatives mission is to provide encouragement and a tangible example of someone they can aspire to become through resources such as the MOC Conference, Hombre a Hombre/Brother to Brother mentoring programs and workshops.

SMC MOC Initiatives


STEM Peer Mentors & Tutoring

The mission of the STEM Peer Mentor program is to promote student success through collaborative involvement with fellow students and the STEM/SRI program team. With the encouragement and support of peer mentors, current STEM students will increase their engagement with colleagues and campus resources while gaining a clearer understanding of their learning needs.

STEM Peer Mentors


Veterans Success Center: Peer Mentors

VSC Peer Mentors are veteran students that have attended Santa Monica College for at least one year.  They have experience navigating the campus and can provide support to VSC students.  Their goal is to help connect VSC students with caps resources, provide advice, and share their personal experiences on how to successfully transition.

VSC Peer Mentors

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